jackie-and-mike-flood1When help is not coming, we need to be prepared to take care of ourselves.  MedPacksUsa specializes in First Aid, Medical Supplies, First Aid Kits, Medical Packs, Waterproof, and 72 Hour Bug Out Bags.

Our Slogan: We Have What You Can’t Live Without!

Whether you just want to replace the basics in your medical/first aid kit, build a comprehensive kit, or buy an already packed kit for your home, business, car, or hobby, We have you covered!

MedPackUsa’s mission is to help everyone be prepared for whatever kind of boo-boos comes their way.   From the normal everyday cuts and scrapes to the life threatening, bleed out, minutes to live crisis.

Want to create your own kit?  You can find us at Gun, Prepper, and Outdoor Trade shows and events almost every weekend.

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