Celox Rapid Gauze



Tactical Medicine means working in urgent and possibly life-threatening conditions.  Celox™ RAPID bridges the significant capability gap between this urgency and the current standard of treatment for hemorrhage control. Celox RAPID offers a step change in speed, reducing packing time to one minute.  This breakthrough expands the  utility of hemostatics in Tactical Field Care.

Tested to Extremes

Celox RAPID has been tested and stops arterial bleeding with minimal compression time1, speeding up treatment compared to Combat Gauze.  Independent testing2 on Celox RAPID has shown that this faster treatment significantly reduces blood loss compared to Combat Gauze*.  As well as reducing treatment time and blood loss, a model of tactical evacuation showed that the Celox RAPID Gauze stayed in place during transport with no re-bleeding3, so the benefits of reduced blood loss are carried through to the next echelon of care.

Celox Rapid considerably reduces treatment time compared to Combat GauzeTM and ChitoGauzeTM, by on average halving the packing time of the competitive 12ft gauzes1 and speeding up compression time2. Independent testing has shown that the reduced treatment time offered by Celox Rapid significantly reduces blood loss in comparison to Combat Gauze3 and evacuation tests have shown that Celox Rapid maintains its volume and adhesion to wet tissue during use, with no re-bleeding and hemostatis maintained during transport4.


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